A/N:Warnings!: Blood, slight gore, slight spoilers fer the story, and crappy weapons. If ya know that this makes you uneasy do not freaking look, kay?

Helllooo kitties. Well I have another bigbang post fer ya! I gotta say, this is one of my favorites. My author imakethewooshnoises is simply an amazing person and I can’t wait to meet her in RL. Anywho, this is fer the wincestielbang! And its all ‘bout serial killers! which should not be as hot as this but oh well it is!

This was a blast to do and I made a great friend in Arianna, so give her some lovin’, hope y’all like it!

The Monsters That Kill The Nightmares

I just realized that I forgot to shade the last two pictures! D:

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